What is roof flashing?

The roof flashing plays an important role in keeping your roof protected from water leaks and other elements like rain, sunlight, etc. you don’t want in your home.  Where different angles meet on the roof, its job is to direct the flow of water away from the house. Once leaks get into your home thru the roof, next thing you know, damage and mold quickly become unmanageable and lead to costly repair. Whether you are installing a new roof or replacing an old one, flashing needs to be done correctly. Roof flash installation is not an easy job if you lack training and tools to install the roof flashing. It is made out of different types of metal but the most commonly used and recommended by contractor is galvanized metal or aluminum.

Following are things you need to know about roof flashing which hopefully help you understand the terms your contractor uses for roof leak repair near me:

  • Pre-made roof flashing – most commonly used, easier to install and less expensive than custom-made;
  • Step flashing – this is what you install for the space between the chimney and the roof. Common types of material use are galvalume, lead copper, lead-coated copper, and galvanized steel;
  • Vent pipe flashing – made specifically for pipes and other round objects;
  • Valley flashing – the valley on a roof is where two roof planes meet, and this is where this type will be installed; 
  • Drip edge flashing – this is installed on the absolute edge of the roof where the water will run off from. It is the last step before the water is lead to the gutters.

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