Benefits and Drawbacks of Having a Standing Seam Metal Roof System

Standing Seam Metal Roof Galvalume Color


On top of the list of the standing seam metal roof Fishers, best roofers in the state of standing seam metal roof advantages are its long life. Of course it requires proper maintenance especially after a harsh weather condition but generally, a metal roof can last from three to five decades.

Since all metal roofing is generally considered to be the cool roof, it means that standing seam is a cool roof. The cooling feature comes from roof paint used to coat the metal roof. Metal roofing colors include the lighter end of the spectrum for solar heat gain prevention. The challenging part though is painting the composition shingles.

Speaking of colors, the standing seam also comes in multiple hues. It has a fine array of colors such as brown, gray, earthy red and forest green. It offers more palette of colors in the market and it is far more than the colors you can find with asphalt shingles.

Standing seam roof offers sleek looks. It is perfect for specific designs of a country-style or contemporary houses. It has a smooth, straight line which provides an industrial feel in your house but with a modern touch. It is not the same as the rippled tin roofing that is commonly used in many warehouses in the past.


Some of the drawbacks of standing seam metal roofing include incompatibility to flat roofs. Particular types of metal roofs are not recommended for roofs with lower pitches or completely flat.

Only a few roofers are fully knowledgeable and experienced in installing standing seam roofs compared to other roofing materials. There are only selected metal roofing contractors fishers in the city that are able to install it perfectly. It means the project cost may be higher since the competition in the market is only a few. Try not to install it yourself if you do not know the procedures well. Leave it to the experts and professionals for a hassle-free installation.