Factors That Affect the Cost of a New Roof Noblesville

Roof size

Of course, the bigger the size of the roof, the higher it costs. Another thing is the thickness, for example, slate roofing standard thickness begins with 3/16 inch or 5 millimeter to ¼ inch or 7 millimeters and the standard size starts with twenty-four inches in length and fourteen inches in width which is converted as 610mm x 356mm.

Roof slope

The height of the slope also affects the roofing cost. Obviously, a high-pitched roof is common in areas that have heavy snowfall. For some regions, building codes are strictly observed for standard roof slope.

Roof Complexity

Complex type of roof system is another factor that makes the roof cost high or low. One good example of a complex roofing is the mansard roof which is also known as curb roof or French roof. The Mansard roofing has a multiple-plane roof that has two distinct level to cover two distinct pitches.

Number of Levels

Roof levels involve flat roof, pent roof, mono-pitched roof, multi-pitched roof, circular roofs such as bell-shaped, domed, onion dome or imperial roof and conical roof

Roofing Material

  • Residential roofing – home roofs are designed to shed all of nature’s elements. It is for maximum home roof protection from damaging the structure of the house. These elements consist of snow, rain, wind-driven debris, and extreme heat of the sun.  The common residential roofing idea Noblesville are asphalt roof, cedar, shakes, metal roofing and clay tile roofing.
  • Commercial Roofing – it comes in various forms and is specialized to meet the needs of a building and the budget of the property owner. The choice of commercial roof plays an important role in the entire condition of the building and the roof’s longevity. The common commercial roofing materials are BUR, metal roofing, modified bitumen roofing, EPDM, PVC and TPO and green roofing or garden roofing system.


The last but not the least factor that affects the roofing cost is the location. If you are in the U.S. there are a lot of roofing specialists where you can obtain a reasonable roofing estimate. Visit or call us for roofing free estimates. We also offer home and roof painting services and other home-related enhancements for a total home makeover.