Facts About Stone-Coated Roofs

If you are planning to have your roof replaced, you might have heard about stone-coated metal roofing from the roofing contractors Noblesville Indiana. The steel ones probably are the most recommended roofing materials but in reality, it is not the most picked material in the market. Have a clear knowledge if it is perfectly matched to your roofing project.

Steel roofing has become more aesthetically flexible by putting a creative coating. Stone-coated steel roofing imitates the traditional shingles without suffering the strength and the durability of the metal. Twenty-four and twenty-six is the common gauge for steel sheets with rust protective coating. The stone-coated steel roof is finished with a thick stone layer which displays a decorative look.

Life Expectancy:

Metal roofs are popular to last a lifetime if properly installed. Its life expectancy ranges from forty to seventy years or more compared to asphalt shingles which need to be replaced in 20 years. Steel roofs can endure longer than most of the traditional roof materials. So it is a perfect investment for a house in the long run. Steel can endure heavy winds, hail or heavy storm. May thought about metal roofing as heavy but it is offered in lightweight from fifty to one hundred fifty pounds per square.

How to Maintain?

Most roofing materials like asphalt must be regularly checked. It is to keep them in good working condition. In steel roofing, it is almost maintenance free. It keeps the house safer from severe weather and it takes away most roofing repair costs in traditional roofing.

It is available in wide variety of hues, designs, and textures to match almost all style of houses. Visit a trusted roofer Noblesville website for some of the well-known stone-coated roofing finishes.

Energy Consumption Friendly

One of the best things about metal roof is its energy efficiency feature. A common mistaken belief in metal roofing materials is that it will conduct heat into the house. On the contrary, metal roofs reflect hot temperature from the atmosphere through its reflective protection. So it helps a lot to cut the energy consumption down by its protective coating.