How can you tell if your roofing system is under ventilated?

Your attic space should be within a few degrees of the temperature outside. Take a peek in your attic space during colder months, if you notice that rafters are damp, or frost covered, you likely have roof ventilation problem. The serious problem of black mold growth in your attic space will be exacerbated by a lack of proper ventilation, as well. If your attic insulation appears flat or clumpy, this is also a very good sign that you have moisture issues within your attic space. Looking from the outside, if you’ve noticed that your home suffers from constant, thick ice buildup, and/or icicles along the roofs edge and trough, you will want to contact a qualified roofing companies near me carmel in as soon as possible. Every home should have sufficient and correctly installed roof ventilation.  Knowing the signs will help ensure that you can get the roof ventilation help you need from roof repair carmel, before significant roofing system repairs are needed.

Why does your roofing system need proper ventilation?roofing Carmel IN

Keeping your attic space sufficiently insulated will definitely help to reduce your energy bills, however there will always be some residual heat loss. If your attic space does not have the proper amount of ventilation, this hot air will become trapped, leading to moisture buildup and dangerous black mold growth. Improper, or insufficient roof ventilation can also lead to ice damming in the winter time and extend far beyond your shingles, trough, and attic space. If left for an extended period of time, this melting ice can also severely damage your ceiling, and drywall, leaving you with costly interior repairs.

How much attic ventilation should you have?

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Attic ventilation and attic insulation go hand in hand. For every 150 square feet of attic space, there should be 1 square foot of attic ventilation. There should also be an equal amount of intake/exhaust vents. The amount of attic ventilation that you need can occasionally vary depending on the slope of your roof, and the size of your attic space.

So, when faced with the possibility of needing added roof ventilation, have a comprehensive attic inspection done by roofing contractors near me carmel in, to determine whether, or not additional attic insulation is needed.