Straightening Stubborn Sags and Leaking Gutter Repair


According to Noblesville Roofing Contractor, one of the problems that a homeowner may encounter is a roof leak. The roof may have holes as time goes by. Harsh weathers can damage or destroy the housetops. In some instances, gutters get clogged by debris and dirt build-up.

Eventually, it will cause the gutters to leak, and we all know what can happen next. Before the problem becomes huge and destructive, it must be fixed immediately. Here are some solution shared by Noblesville roofers to stop gutters from leaking:


Fixing Leaking Gutter

Leaking and sagging gutters risk damage to your foundation and siding that will cost thousands of dollars to fix. Noblesville Roofers professionals recommend gutter patches, sealant, and hangers to repair leaking and sagging gutters.

These materials may cost only a few dollars, so it is wiser to fix the damage immediately than to spend more money for huge restoration. Leaky gutter joints must be sealed and tiny holes using gutter sealant. Apply the sealant from inside the gutter. Repair bigger holes by a metal flashing scrap and seal it using a recommended sealant or us fix it using a gutter patch kit. You can buy patch kits at Home Improvement Stores.

Straighten Up the Sagging Gutters


Climb up on a ladder and inspect the length of the gutter. Gutters must be straight and without sag. Long gutters must have a peak in the middle to let the water to run toward downspouts at both ends. The problem area must be easy to notice. Roof leak repair Noblesville reposition loose hangers easily. They fix it using a hammer or a cordless drill.  


Stubborn sags can be straightened.

  • Support a long, straight 1×4 or 2×4 brace below the sag from the ground
  • Climb up on a ladder and eliminate a one or two hangers near the sag.
  • Observe along the gutter, tweak the brace until the sag is gone.
  • Restore the hangers. If necessary, add a new hanger or two for more strength.