Leaky Roof: 2 Most Dreaded Words in Homeowner’s Vocabulary

Do you know that water is the most threatening enemy, eager to enter your home covering’s most vulnerable line of defenses? And once inside, the damage and destruction take place very fast from the point of the initial attack, making the initial source of a roof leak difficult to identify.

Five common reasons for roof repairs are leaks, improper workmanship and weather-related conditions, holes, and lack of maintenance.  Some of these repairs are pretty obvious, while others can be less recognizable. Do you need a licensed roofing contractor Noblesville for any of these reasons?

The following is an overview of each, and the damage it may cause if left unattended.

 Slow leaks: Slow leaks occur overtime due to improper installation.  If left undetected for long periods of time can cause the harmful growth of mold, damage to structure and worst, the complete collapsing of the roof.

Improper/Poor Workmanship: Incorrectly secured shingles are more common problem in this area.  This is why they should only be installed by skilled roof installers. Improperly installed shingles can lead to larger, more expensive roof repairs like those caused by water damage and foundation erosion.

Weather-related Conditions: Roofs are exposed to the elements all day, every day. Over time, the materials it is made from becomes damaged from excessive heat, cold, rain, wind, ice, snow and various types of debris.

Holes: result from storm damage or by animal such as squirrels and raccoons, misplaced roofing nails or from antenna mounting bracket. Tiny holes can be deceitful until an inspection reveals them.

Lack of maintenance: clogged gutters, flashing issues can happen if there is no regular maintenance and routine roof inspection.

Catch minor problems before they become big and costly.  For more information about free roof repair estimate call roof leak repair near me.