Tips in Clay Tile Roofing

Types of Clay Tile Roofing Material:

  • Plain tiles – it is a tiny rectangular clay with a sanded finish or smooth surface.
  • Slate – Slim rectangular parts of rock that come in various sizes and thickness.
  • Pantiles – ‘S’ formed clay tiles.
  • Roman tiles – similar to pantiles but it has a flat cross-section with a small hole.

It is ideal for roofing with a pitch greater than 20 degrees. If the incline is higher, it becomes more attractive aesthetically. It creates a cathedral-type of roofing.  Roofing service company Noblesville in Indiana make sure the roof surface is even before installing anything else. If it isn’t even it can be fixed using a mortar to make the surface level.

Alluring Mediterranean appearance is one of the well-known styles of clay roof tiles. It has an exceptional strength despite that it is lightweight. It is perfect for certain roofs and gives greater quality insulation than roof materials alike such as ceramic tiles. A few of the important factors in the clay tile installation is the colour, size, and proper procedure which relies on the type of the clay tiles.

One important thing to remember in installing clay tile roof material is to have a good roof underlayment. The standard of the material installed underneath the clay is an important component that will affect the strength of the tile. To ensure that the underlayment is the correct one, it is highly recommended to hire expert clay tile roofing contractors like Taylor and son roofing specialists. It is commonly made from asphalt saturated roofing material that covers the whole surface under the clay tile.

Be sure that it is accurately installed or it will end up with overlying tiles in a short period of time. Place an extra layer near the edge of the roof as well in valleys to make the surface secured without a doubt. Cover all of the decks with a dedicated roofing felt or a layer of a specialized coated base sheet.

Roofing solutions Noblesville can surely help a homeowner to choose the clay tile needed for the roofing project. There are specific clay tiles that are ideal for a particular climate. The manufacturing companies made the clay tile withstand different environmental situations.