What is a Standing Seam Roofing System?

Roofing contractor Noblesville refers to standing seam metal roof as a specific type of metal roofing that elevating the seams above the roofing itself. Homes that have metal roofs are of standing seam type of deal in most cases. Continuous metal panels start from the ridge of the roof down to the eaves. In between the panels are seams attached by fasteners. It is raised above the level of the metal roof. That is the reason why it is known as standing seam because the seam is standing or raised opposing to flush-mounted. The seam is always the weak surface with different sorts of building material which is the roofing. Elevated seams above the water level are one of the key benefits.

How Are Standing Seams roofs formed?

  • It has seam fasteners and can be seen anywhere from .5 inch to one and one-half inches high. Since the fasteners are concealed, it can only be seen as a smooth continuous ridge expanding from the top to bottom.
  • The next one is roof panels which are pre-formed or site-formed. Site-formed metal roofing panels are made from rolls of metal through mobile forming equipment that is used to fold the metal into rigid panels
  • These metal roofing panels are generally made of aluminum or a Galvalume-coated steel. The panels measures from twelve to nineteen inches wide.

One of the best features of standing seam metal roofing is it strengthens the weak point of most roofs and blocking the possible entry point for moist by raising the roofing panel above level. The high seams can’t be said for torch-down or rolled roofing as well as the composition shingles.

Metal has an excellent durability and toughness. However, it is still vulnerable to a particular type of hazards and can still be dented by a severe hailstorm or penetrated by heavy falling branches.

Standing seam installation requires a skill of a well-rounded standing seam metal roof Noblesville roofing contractors. Do not hesitate to call the experts for a high-satisfaction roofing project.