What is Green Roofing System?

A garden roof is also called living roof or green roof of a building. It is known in commercial roofing where a portion or the entire surface is covered with plants or vegetation. It is planted over a waterproofing membrane. It involves extra layers like root barrier, drainage, and irrigation systems. Some licensed roofing contractor Noblesville in Indiana includes container gardens where plants are kept in pots, however, it is not totally considered to be the exact green roofs. In some occasions, living roof consists of rooftop ponds. Mainly, soil, vegetation, roof barrier, drainage layer and irrigation system comprise garden roofing.

Green roofing system serves many functions for a commercial building. It is good for absorbing rainwater and creates a wildlife atmosphere. It helps decrease stress to people around the roofing because it provides an aesthetically lovely landscape. It diminishes the heat island effect and helps lower down the urban hot temperature. Garden roofs are appropriate for redevelopment jobs and new establishments. Re roofing Noblesville experts also install it on little garages or bigger commercial, municipal and industrial buildings. Green roofs effective for utilizing the natural purposes of plants to sort out water and treat the air in suburban and urban landscapes.

Types of Green Roofs installed by roofing service company Noblesville in Indiana:

Intensive roofs – it is thicker and has a minimum depth of 5 inches. It can support a variety of plants, however, it is heavier with entails more maintenance.

Extensive roofs – it ranges from 0.79 inch to 5 inches. It is quite opposite the intensive roofs because it is lighter and only requires the least maintenance.

Green roofs are also known to indicate some roof forms of green technology. It is also called as a cool roof. Another one is with photovoltaic panels or solar thermal collectors. Garden roofs are also referred to as eco-roofing, living roofs, vegetated roofs and horizontal vegetated complex partitions.