Why Should You Install a Stone-coated Metal Roofing?

Another metal roofing innovation has been added to the roofing contractors Noblesville Indiana service list and it is the stone-coated metal roofs. A very common metal roof is the corrugated metal which has significantly enhanced over time, however it has a limited aesthetic option. Now there are a lot of alternatives including the stone-coated metal roofing. Stone-coated ones are combined with the look of shingle, shake or tile and offers high performance in strength and durability.  

It boosts whatever style of the house and metal roofing product is likely to achieve and match every client’s roofing projects. Of course, the greatest thing about a roof is its longevity aside from the aesthetic side. It is common in a composite or asphalt roof to be replaced every one decade or two. On the other hand, the stone-coated metal roof nearly last for a lifetime. One of the best features offered by stone-coated ones is its lifetime warranty. In fact, some offers warranty to be transferable to the following generation. This is the reason why metal roof alternatives become appealing for a commercial property. Yes, it is more costly than the traditional roofing materials but it is proven to last for a very long time and also requires only minimal maintenance.


  • Steel roofing can endure strong winds up to one hundred seventy meters per hour. It is perfect for hurricane-prone regions.
  • Interlocking panels make it remarkably strong which is best for areas that are vulnerable to earthquakes.
  • In general, it is fifty percent lighter than many traditional roof materials such as BUR or asphalt which entails no additional structural reinforcement required.
  • The stone coating reflects ultraviolet rays to send the heat back into the atmosphere to avoid excess heat that makes almost all roof to deteriorate faster.

Remember to always consult a certified roofer for a better understanding of the installation, procedure and the total metal roof replacement cost.