Wood Shakes Installation Technique

Wood Shakes is one of the most common roofing material across the states. It has been around for over a century. The best features of cedar shakes are its rich dimensional appearance and exceptionally resistant to decay. It is created from natural wood so the price varies with the local market. House roof repair Noblesville Indiana install such roofs carefully to bring out the best performance that lasts a lifetime or more.

What type of nails to be used?

Be sure to use the appropriate nails in fastening cedar shakes on the deck. Use only rust-resistant nails to fix down the shingles. The nails should be at least 128mm long (1/2 inch) to be firmly attached to into the sheathing. Other building codes require at least 132mm long (3/4 inch) to fasten the shakes into the deck.            

Installation Techniques:

Make sure to install spaced sheathing. Wood shakes like cedar shakes should always be nailed to sheathing for good ventilation. Installation must be in accordance with the federal building codes to make sure the sheathing is correct for the building that needs roofing. Roofing repair contractors Noblesville includes valley flashing material and drip edge. Mount a starter course at the eaves of the roof, overhang 4cm beyond the eaves fascia. In regions that have heavy snow, wood shingles are installed on top of the starter course. Two layers of shingles overlay the starter course.        

Align the first course and the starter course by nailing down a shingle with a right overhand both ends of the eaves.

Common types of wood shake installed by roofing service company Noblesville in Indiana:

Tapersawn – it is sawn both sides similar to wood shingles but it is thicker. It has a natural tailored look of a shingle and emphasized by sharper shadow-line of a shake through its butt’s thickness. It is the most well-known type of wood roofing.

Heavy split and resawn – it was sawn on the backside. Its face displays the natural grain of the wood and has a great looking textured surface. It is known to be the heaviest type of wood shake matched with a rustic appearance.

Medium split and resawn – it is like the heavy split and resawn shake, however, it is thinner and has lesser weight. It possesses a very textured appearance.